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We are a training provider of wildlife awareness, snake awareness, snakebite first aid and snake handling courses for both the general public and corporate companies.  In addition to our training courses we also conduct wildlife risk assessments for businesses and private homes and offer a 24hr reptile rescue service in our home town. As a company, we strive to provide our clients with a quality service and to promote both conservation and safety through education and awareness.

Our training courses are presented by Tim Baynham, founder and owner of WSS. Tim has had a lifelong passion and fascination for wildlife and in particular snakes and other venomous creatures. This interest naturally progressed to a career in the wildlife industry. Tim has worked at various public reptile facilities and has maintained his own private collection of snakes for many years.  His knowledge and experience working with snakes and other wildlife culminated in a position in the Oil and Gas industry as a wildlife advisor, specializing in Wildlife Safety. Working under the umbrella of the Health and Safety department for many years, he conducted snake and wildlife awareness training for company employees and sub-contractors. He was also responsible for the capture and relocation of problem snakes and other wildlife from all company facilities.

Tim’s wildlife photography portfolio is displayed on the website and his inspiring wildlife and landscape images bear witness to his love of the wilderness and its inhabitants.

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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Mahatma Ghandi

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A professional 24hr service to humanely capture and relocate problem snakes and other reptiles. We are fully licensed by the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism.


Know your Reptiles

Tailor made snake awareness training is suitable for both corporate and private clients. Our courses cover everything you will ever need to know about snakes from snakebite first aid to basic relocation techniques. Conservation and safety through education and awareness…

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Comprehensive Snake Awareness


Our training courses are suitable for private individuals who may have an interest in snakes or who may encounter snakes in their daily lives, as well as for corporate clients and businesses who may require their work force to have an awareness of snakes in term of their company’s health and safety policies.

All our training and courses can be tailored to meet our clients individual needs and requirements.

Our comprehensive snake awareness training covers everything you’ll ever need to know about snakes, from common myths through behavior, biology, identification and species profiles.

Course duration: 3 hrs

Course content:

Snake taxonomy
Snake senses
Growth & Shedding
General behaviour

Course content continued:

Snake myths and legends revealed
Snakes and conservation
Snake safety in the work place
Snake identification – what to look for?
Species description
General biology

This course is all about the snakebite and will benefit anyone who may come in contact with snakes either through work or recreational activities.  This extensive course covers topics ranging from snake venoms, antivenoms, snakebite protocols, emergency response plans and snakebite first aid.  The course has two components, a theoretical component, in the form of a powerpoint presentation, followed by a practical session demonstrating the various first aid techniques.  A short assessment in the form of a written exam follows the presentation.

Course duration: 2,5 hrs

Course content:

Snake venoms
Purpose of snake venom
Venom delivery & dentition
Types of venom
Venom syndromes & symptoms
Factors contributing to snakebite incidents
Avoiding snakebites
Factors that affect the severity of a bite
What not to do in the event of a snakebite

Course content continued:

Basic first aid measures
Pressure bandaging
Bag valve masks
Venom in the eyes
Snakebite first aid kits
Antivenoms and protocols for handling antivenom
Snakebite emergency protocol
Snake sighting protocol
Emergency Management Plan

We offer two snake handling courses.  Our introductory snake handling course covers snake handling equipment and teaches safe, “hands off” techniques for capturing and relocating snakes.  Our advanced course focuses on techniques used for handling and working with venomous snakes.

Course duration: 1,5hrs

Introductory Snake Handling Course

Course content :

Snake handling equipment
“Passive” capture techniques
“Hooking” snakes
Using snake tongs
Capture tubes & buckets
Transporting and releasing snakes

Advanced Snake handling Course

Course content :

Hooking and tailing snakes
“Necking” snakes
Various bagging techniques
Using restraining tubes
Relocation & release

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